Pharmacy crosses

Flat Square Neon

The Flat Square cross is characterised by its rigid and pure design. This cross is available in various finishings and in different sizes between 750x750 and 1050x1050 mm. 

Flat Round Neon

The Flat Round cross has a very thin and pure design with playful lines. The supporting base is integrated into the body of the cross. This pharmacy cross is available in size 1000x1000 mm and comes in various finishings.

Twist Neon

This unique and eye-catching cross will undoubtedly draw the attention of passers-by. The curved neon lamps and the repetition of the square surfaces give this pharmacy cross a playful character. This neon cross comes in three sizes : 800x800, 1000x1000 and 1200x1200 mm.


Cross Neon

This neon cross had a modern and streamlined look and has an integrated supporting base. If necessary, the base can be extented, which can be interesting for pharmacies which aren't located close to the street side. This pharmacy cross is available in sizes 900x900, 1000x1000 and 1100x1100 mm.

Cubic Neon

This pharmacy cross combines clean lines with playful intersecting neon lamps. The outer case in smoked polycarbonate gives the cross a classy look. This neon cross comes in sizes 850x850, 1100x1100 and 1200x1200 mm.


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