Banners and flags

Flying banners draw the attention from far away and constitute a powerful distinguishing mark for your company. Our publicity flags are available in different sizes and qualities. They are delivered with cylindrical flagpoles with a swivelling arm system.

You can also draw attention to your company with a banner! The banner is stretched between 2 suspended tubes, which makes it always clearly legible. We can design and manufacture banners in various materials, dimensions and finishes for you. Depending on the application you may order single-sided or double-sided banners and with regard to mounting you have got different options too: fastened to the façade by means of supports, which is possible both at right angles to and level with the wall, or mounted to a pole or flagstaff if the building is somewhat further from the street. The banners can also be lit by mean of spotlights so that they are perfectly visible at night as well.

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